Reinstating grass cover efficiently and safely.

While known for its superior slope mowing performance, McConnel’s new Robocut models can tackle even more workplace challenges thanks to its step-up in horsepower and finer control. One company taking full advantage of McConnel’s latest remote-control technology is Lincolnshire-based vegetation maintenance specialist RSM Maintenance. 

The company purchased an RC56 Robocut primarily for the slope mowing alongside waterways and highways throughout Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Yorkshire. However, it has also utilised the power-plant in other key areas of the business to improve safety and efficiency.

In addition to the vegetation maintenance arm of the business, RSM Maintenance also undertakes the installation and maintenance of footbridges along public right-of-ways and footpaths throughout Lincolnshire. This inevitably involves the handling of heavy build material in areas where the terrain can be challenging, and access limited.

Robocut and crane attachment removes the need for manual handling in hard to reach areas.

A solution was found in the form of a Robocut mounted Hyva crane attachment with 1,000kg lift capacity and 6.5m reach.

“We regularly need to position 8m to 10m long beams across waterways, and by using the Robocut and crane attachment we now have a machine that can access these hard to reach sites,” the managing director of RSM Maintenance, Robert Minnitt, said. “Once in place, the Robocut crane eliminates the need for hazardous manual handling and removes personnel from the danger zone.”

Grass reseeding alongside waterways and steep slopes is another duty where the Robocut is boasting efficiency and safety for RSM Maintenance.

“We’ve also fitted a harrow attachment with GPS controlled seeder unit that does a great job of quickly and efficiently reinstating damaged turf caused when maintenance work is carried out by heavy plant,” Mr Minnitt added.

RSM Maintenance primarily uses its RC56 Robocut for slope mowing alongside waterways and highways.

McConnel Robocuts can be fitted with a range of attachments that enable operators to tackle almost any workplace challenge. Easy to fit and operate, the attachments take full advantage of Robocut’s proven remote-control capabilities, allowing safe working up to 150m away from dangerous or restricted-access zones.

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