Pöttinger: Tegosem cover crop seed drill introduced

The 200-litre Tegosem cover crop seeder.

The new Tegosem is used in combination with a Pöttinger stubble cultivator or disc harrow and enables soil preparation and cover crop seeding in a single pass. It can be used with hitch-mounted machines as well as trailed machines, and is equipped complete with mounting brackets and loading platform.

The seed hopper, loading platform and steps match each other to form a compact unit and fully comply with the new CE directives and safety regulations. The Tegosem can even be used on machines with rear tine rollers – volume on three-point machines is 200 litres, while on trailed machines it’s 500 litres.

The Pöttinger Tegosem can be used to drill a wide spectrum of seed material, from mustard to grass and rapeseed, through to peas and beans. The metering system is driven electrically. Two different metering shafts are provided as standard to ensure precision distribution, even at very low seed flow rates. The seed material is distributed pneumatically using distribution plates. This ensures precision regardless of the wind conditions.

Calibration is easy, and the procedure is started at the press of a button. The recommended calibration duration is at least 20 seconds. A calibration bag is provided as standard equipment.

The new Tegosem is fitted as standard with an intuitive control terminal that regulates and monitors the metering shaft and sets the seed flow rate electronically. The metering shaft is controlled electronically independently of driving speed and can be set infinitely-variable from the tractor cab. The control terminal also has a kg/ha display, a priming function, a headland management system, a tank emptying function, automatic calibration and counters for total hours, hours/day, total hectares and hectares/day.

A 500-litre Tegosem can be fitted to trailed stubble cultivators or disc harrows.

The level indicator for monitoring the contents of the seed hopper, a DGPS ground speed sensor, sensors on the top link and chassis for starting and stopping metering, plus the loading platform, are what make the Tegosem stand out.

Hydraulic blower versions are equipped with a pressure supervisor to ensure dependable start-up after each turn. Two metering shafts (fine and coarse) that can be interchanged without the need for tools complete the offering.

Pöttinger places great importance on accessibility and ease of filling. That’s why on rigid three-point machines the drill is mounted on the rear roller and on folding three-point machines it’s fitted on the light mounting (seed hopper volume 200 litres). On trailed stubble cultivators or disc harrows, the 500-litre Tegosem is mounted on the drawbar. The advantage is that the narrow tank sits at the front with its weight acting on the tillage tools and supported load of the drawbar so that it is better isolated against shaking.

The technical requirement for using the Tegosem is a three-pin socket (for controlling all models, and for the blower motor on models with a working width of 3.00m and 4.00m) as well as a single-acting hydraulic connection with return line for hydraulic blowers on machines with a working width of 5.00m or more and all trailed machines.

For more information visit: www.poettinger.at.