Thursday, August 11, 2022

New Holland: No-till drills on show at Sima 2013

CNH’s major brands, New Holland and Case IH, both sell a wide range of implements to compliment their tractors in North America and other world markets, but these have rarely been seen in Europe – until now. This year New Holland’s Sima Show stand featured a no-till seed drill that the company plans to sell on this side of the Atlantic.
Two of the drills were on show at Sima, the trailed PS2030 and PS2045 models that have working widths of 3m and 4.5m respectively. They are built for New Holland by Brazilian manufacturer Semeato, which began working with the tractor manufacturer in 2012 in Latin American markets.
    The smaller drill features mechanical seed distribution and has 17 rows at 17.6cm centres, while the larger is a pneumatic drill with 26 rows at 17.3cm centres. As no-till machines, designed to drill directly into stubbles, both drillscan put up to 300kg pressure on their disc-type coulters.

The Seameato-built New Holland PS2045 no-till drill has a 4.5m working width. The drawbar swingsround and transport wheels are deployed for on-road movements. 

    Designed for planting cereals in conservation agriculture systems, the drills mean that no cultivation is required at all. Specialist advice is recommended, however, to guide producers using the drills on issues like the length of stubble to leave from the previous harvest. As the stubble isn’t being burieda fine balance between stubble height and local climate has to be struck to avoid toxic conditions developing in the soil that would affect seed growth. 

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