A significant development to the Kuhn’s range of Axis twindisc fertiliser spreader range now offersfarmers new opportunities to apply fertiliser more accurately, efficiently and with greater environmental responsibility. The company’s new GPS-linked technology optimises spreading performance at headlands and in field corners.
On all Axis models with a GPS link, the Kuhn Opti Point system has been introduced to further improve the accuracy of fertiliser use. This automatically controls aperture opening and closing at the headlands to minimise over- or under-application whatever the shape, size, density or air resistance of the fertiliser. The system works through preprogramming all the relevant information into the Kuhn CCI control box, Quantron control box or third party control boxes to determine the optimum aperture opening and closing point in conjunction with GPS guidance. Opti Point is believed to be a unique facility on the market currently.
For hydraulic drive Axis models with Electronic Mass Control (EMC) automatic weighing, the Vari Spread facility works with the tractor terminal and GPS to control the spreading width to both sides of the machine simultaneously or either side individually. This facility ensures optimum use of fertiliser at field corners and edges, and where the area to be spread is tapered.

The Vari Spread function on Axis H EMC models with GPS linkage enables optimum spreading width to be achieved on either side of the machine.

Vari Spread is also available on mechanical drive Axis models in a limited format, providing an on/off facility on either side of the machine.
All Axis models incorporate the patented Coaxial Distribution Adjustment (CDA) feature. This gives the Axis its ability to maintain consistently accurate spread patterns automatically at varying forward speeds and/or application rates by varying the fertiliser drop point onto the disc. Alongside innovative hopper and agitator design, this also allows a maximum mass flow rate of up to 500kg/minute.
All hydraulic drive models are available ready to operate directly through a tractor’s
Isobus terminal, or supplied with the CCI 100 control box for use with tractors without an Isobus terminal. In the case of mechanical drive models, control is achieved through the Quantron E2 control box.
Other features of note include the electrically driven agitators (which stop automatically when the aperture is closed to minimise any grinding of fertiliser at the hopper base).
The top of the range hydraulic Axis 50.1 H EMC+W with a maximum spread width of 50m now costs £26,327 (price correct at October 2012).

For more information visit: www.kuhn.co.uk.