John Deere: R962i trailed sprayer has 6,200-litre capacity

ByWniF editors

Jun 21, 2011

John Deere’s new R962i trailed sprayer has not only been designed for high capacity applications, it has also been equipped with a number of intelligent features that are designed to make spraying easier, more accurate and more profitable, while also complying with all legal and environmental regulations, from planning and documentation through filling and transport to spraying, rinsing and dilution.
Designed for maximum stability in the field and on the road, the new R962i features a low centre of gravity. At the heart of the main frame is a cross structure in the centre section that allows the chassis to absorb torque and movement more efficiently. Its level weight distribution keeps the machine steady for faster and more accurate spraying, better manoeuvrability and smoother transport.
Optional wheel steering allows hillside adjustment and also serves as a track following system on headlands. Used in combination with John Deere’s headland management system, this  proportional hydraulic wheel steering system reduces crop damage and can be used to steer the machine manually or automatically, or via GPS in combination with SprayerPro software.
Even with a full tank, the R962i can travel at speeds of up to 40km/hr where permitted. To avoid jolts and vibration, and ensure stability on the road, the sprayer is equipped with ProRoad axle suspension as standard; this is a double-link suspension system featuring maintenance-free polyurethane dampers.
The R962i’s rugged, durable polyethylene tank has a nominal capacity of 6,200 litres. Designed with a low centre of gravity, a deep sump and steeply sloping base, the tank features minimal dead volume, even on slopes. There are also no dead corners or baffles to disrupt the flow of agitation and rinsing.

John Deere booms provide stability for accurate spraying and feature a central pendulum for boom levelling.

For ultimate productivity and accuracy, the R962i trailed sprayer can be equipped with the John Deere’s new StarFire 3000 satellite receiver and advanced GreenStar isobus display. The StarFire 3000 receiver works seamlessly at all accuracy levels (Egnos, SF1, SF2 and RTK). By picking up signals even from satellites that are five degrees above the horizon, the StarFire 3000 can work with GPS and Russian Glonass satellites. In addition, the new GreenStar 2630 touch screen display is packed with powerful features for high productivity including guidance, documentation, advanced isobus capabilities and performance monitoring. Alternatively, the proven seven-inch, full-colour GreenStar 1800 display offers realistic field views and implement control, and supports guidance systems from the entry level GreenStar Lightbar to hands-free AutoTrac.
Thanks to the full suite of John Deere i-Solutions, all the necessary information on crop protection processes and traceability is automatically collected during work. Data can be exchanged with the office PC or printed out in the cab. Depending on work requirements, desktop software from approved John Deere partners can also be used. Features include:

  • Spray-to-Map: this prescription mapping tool enables the user to spray variable rates of fertiliser, herbicides, fungicides or growth regulators, following the creation of an application map on the office PC which can then be imported into the GreenStar 2630 display.
  • The Tank Fill Calculator: this tells the operator how much of each chemical will be required to perform the entire task, as well as for each full or partial tank fill. Only details of the field size, spray rate and applied crop protection chemicals need to be entered. Since calculations are based on real-time data recorded during the spraying process, the operator avoids wasting both time and chemicals.
  • FieldDoc: This real-time documentation software records all operations automatically, for easy transfer to the PC and subsequent analysis.

    Originally designed for self-propelled sprayers, the SolutionCommand automatic solution management system lets the operator accurately fill, agitate, spray and multi-cycle rinse for disposal of residues at the push of a button on the GreenStar display. Two powerful and durable six-cylinder sprayer pumps supply the self-priming piston diaphragm pump with liquid at 560 lit/min for fast, automatic filling. An optionally available centrifugal pump boosts filling capacity to 700 lit/min. With SolutionCommand, liquid flow is optimised and dead volumes are minimised.
Using information from the Tank Fill calculator, the operator can swing out the generously sized PowrFill chemical inductor for safe and easy filling of liquids, powders and granular material from ground level. A spray gun at the hopper and special storage lockers for clean clothing or contaminated protective gear are standard, as well as a separate 20-litre fresh water wash tank. An optional BASF Ecomatic closed chemical transfer kit is also available for safe and convenient handling of chemicals in larger, refillable containers.

All the R962i controls and induction hopper are on the nearside of the sprayer.

A hitch or K80 ball-type coupling are available to ensure close connection to the tractor, while the slim drawbar design allows sharp turns and smooth tracking. During road transport, the John Deere BoomGuard system keeps vibrations to a minimum. The vulnerable spray boom is well protected by employing pressurised accumulators and special transport rolls that cradle the boom gently but firmly.
A wide choice of durable steel spray booms are available – from 24-28m (double-folding) and 24-40m (triple-folding) – to meet every customer’s needs for reliable, high-precision performance. John Deere booms provide stability for accurate spraying and feature a central pendulum for boom levelling, the BoomGuard anti-yaw suspension system, vertical and horizontal boom breakaway protection, and durable hinges.
The optional BoomTrac system provides perfect boom stability by measuring the actual boom height 50 times a second and comparing this with the target height. When a difference occurs, BoomTrac automatically adjusts the spray boom height and boom tilt angle, thus ensuring the optimum boom position, whether spraying in the field or turning at the headland.
With cutting edge technology such as SprayerPro, operators can cover more hectares with a single tankful. GreenStar SprayerPro automatic boom section control, with the automatic closing of the main valve at headlands, helps to minimise overlaps and avoid wasting valuable plant protection products. SprayerPro takes full control of the boom sections and automatically switches them on or off when the operator leaves or enters a predefined area or the headland.
The R962i is also equipped as standard with intelligent solutions to make spray applications more accurate such as: a spray nozzle calculator; overflow protection; digital tank level sensors for the rinse water and solution tanks; cross-flow check for spray nozzles; automatic pressure and flow sensor selection at low flow rates; droplet size indication for standard nozzles; programmable default valve settings to prevent overdosing after refills; low tank level warning; and agitation performance control.
SolutionCommand is equipped as standard with AutoDilute, which allows the operator to select the appropriate rinsing or dilution programme on the GreenStar display. This has been developed to meet the requirements of all EU legislation and ensures that even less experienced operators can achieve good results every time. The John Deere AutoDilute system manages residue disposal at the push of a button, by taking into account any dead volume and the remaining liquid contents. A separate pump sends clean water from the large rinse water tank to the rinsing nozzles in the solution tank to dilute the remaining contents, all operated from the comfort of the tractor cab. Depending on the spray application, there are five different modes available. This safe and smart automatic control system increases productivity and removes the need for the operator to walk into a recently sprayed crop to reposition the valves for rinsing.
Special attachments available for the R962i include:

  • Various pre-selected and integrated i-Solution packages, offering the ultimate in productivity and accuracy. One such package includes the GreenStar 2630 display, StarFire satellite receiver, BoomTrac and SprayerPro.
  • Different types of spray, edge and liquid fertiliser nozzle holders, to prevent drift and create the optimum droplet size for different applications.
  • Optional 100 bar high-pressure washer, for cleaning the sprayer and boom in the field. This includes a self-winding hose reel and ergonomic spray gun.
  • Self-cleaning pressure filter, to flush out any debris that may have collected in the base of the filter.

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