Hardi: Master sprayer doesn’t compromise on features

ByWniF editors

Jun 19, 2009

Hardi has introduced the all-new Master 1,500- and 1,800-litre tractor-mounted sprayer, a top-of-the-range mounted machine for the farmer that doesn’t want to compromise. The new models compliment the existing tank sizes of 800, 1,000 and 1,200 litres.

The new larger tank design optimises weight distribution and, with its vertical folding boom, provides a compact transport size to ensure good visibility and manoeuvrability, both while spraying and when driving on the road.

The Master is easily mounted to the tractor with a quick hitch and foldaway parking supports. When mounted on the tractor, the Master has excellent ground clearance with a smooth snag free underside.

The vertical folding Pro boom is constructed in steel with a lattice design optimising weight with the greatest possible strength. The self-levelling suspension incorporates a heavy-duty coil spring to absorb any sudden movements of the boom. An anti yaw device is incorporated into the boom centre to minimise any movement. The excellent performance of the Pro boom ensures precision spray applications even in the most challenging of field conditions.

All boom functions on the Pro boom are electro-hydraulically operated from a compact, conveniently located control panel. The Primary controls, those which are most used in the field, are grouped together for ease of use, such as boom height, independent tilting of either boom section and complete boom slanting. With all other controls conveniently placed to hand the Master Pro is easy to operate.

The spray controls are the well-proven EVC electronic unit with an optional HC 2500 Automatic Spray Controller. With sensors for speed and flow, the HC2500 is easy to programme and ensures constant application rates are maintained and accurate records are kept.

The Master 1800 sprayer is equipped with the Hardi model 363 diaphragm pump with a capacity of 180 lit/min. The 25-litre capacity low-level chemical induction hopper gives complete mixing of the spray products during transfer to the main sprayer tank.

The unique colour-coded manifold valve system enables filling and internal cleaning of the sprayer to be carried out from one convenient position at the side of the sprayer.

For more information visit: www.hardi.co.uk.